As Italy’s leading interconnection platform, MIX provides a number of solutions to meet your network needs. Peering Services enable all networks to interconnect with one another to exchange internet traffic.

The MIX Public Peering service provides you with an interconnection platform with the highest concentration of connected networks in Italy, with ease and at competitive prices.

This service is used by network operators, carriers, content providers, and enterprises that require enhanced network optimisation and performance.

MIX customers can easily improve their network performance and achieve low-latency with a cost-effective interconnection.

MIX also offers the use of a route server to allow customers to easily connect to multiple connected networks.

To exchange Internet traffic, Customers can locate their hardware in the MIX Datacentre or at one of the many datacentres that hosts the MIX interconnection platform. If your network is far away from one of the 11 MIX locations, you can interconnect remotely via our Partnership Program


Control of its own network
Reduced IP transit costs

What is included

MIX Switch ports  full wire speed non blocking

Local Patch from the operators to MIX switch

Assignment of an IPv4 address and an IPv6 address to each of the operators

24/7 assistance from the MIX Network Operator Centre (NOC)

Out-of-Band (OOB) Access prepared by MIX for the remote management of the operators’ devices if installed in MIX data centres

Possibility of basic colocation service consisting of 4RUs in shared racks (energy excluded)


Any features that are not listed are not included in the standard service. Please contact us to request any additional services to meet your needs.

VLAN Option

It is an extension of the basic service by which operators already connected to the MIX make peering arrangements through dedicated VLANs.

The service is useful when reselling transit or when the amount of traffic exchanged is such that it would benefit from a dedicated interconnection.


Better insight and control over routing and Internet data flows
Opportunities to route traffic flows
Reserved through resources currently in use by other network operators connected to the MIX
Real-time visibility of statistics on the private peering VLAN
Total traffic, traffic by interface, traffic to any other individual peer and traffic by TCP/UDP port type, visible only to operators connected in the private peering arrangement


The connection to the MIX is dedicated to operators that

  • Have their own public Autonomous System number issued by RIPE or an equivalent registry and their own public IP numbering
  • Are connected to the Internet network with at least one provider that can guarantee them a “full routing table”

How do I get an ASN?
Further information available from RIPE NCC

How to connect at MIX?
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