Carrier Hotel

MIX offers Operators capable of providing Internet connectivity through their own infrastructures, equipped data center spaces to install their own transmission or optical termination equipment, within a protected environment with guaranteed functionality.

The MIX data centres are dedicated exclusively to the installation of routing or transmission equipment of the operators. There are no housing services for their own sake or in any way related to the public peering service.

Type of Housing


BLUE AREA – Shared racks equipped with 230 v AC power bars and dedicated to the installation of peering equipment of MIX members

GREEN AREA – Passive racks dedicated to the colocation of optical boxes with optical cables from the campus ring

RED AREA – Racks equipped with -48V DC dedicated to the installation of transmission equipment (e.g. ADM, *WDM or other) for geographical networks

ORANGE AREA – Racks equipped both with 230 V AC and -48 V DC, useful for providing tailor-made solutions


Equipped spaces
Lower costs
Support by the MIX NOC
Speed and flexibility in interventions
Access 24/7

For help with all your interconnection
needs or to ask any questions