The MIX’COOL program is an informative meeting aimed at secondary school students. MIX’COOL is held at the MIX datacentre or as an interactive online session bringing youth closer to the reality of an Internet Exchange Point (IXP) and the importance of IXPs in exchanging and moving data over the Internet infrastructure.

The so-called Millennials, from an early age, are constant users of the internet. Entering a datacentre like MIX gives them the chance to hear the “noise of the Internet” with their ears and see what is behind social profiles, online shopping, chatting with friends, etc.

Interactive Online Session

The interactive online session lasts 90 minutes and is held on the Google Meet or Zoom platform.
Students have the opportunity to review information they learnt at school and the practical application at the MIX data centre. Visual material and a quiz game are used to create an interactive experience.

In 2022, more than 450 students and teachers from 13 schools took part in the program.

Google Meet
About 90' minutes
Students in the last two years of computer-oriented secondary schools (ITIS, Liceo Scientifico, etc.)

In 2022, MIX'COOL involved

13 institutes
450 students and professors

Take part in MIX'COOL

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On-site experience

Teachers visiting MIX have the opportunity to show students how data travels within the Internet infrastructure at an IXP in a tangible way. It also gives students the opportunity to ask IXP professionals questions about the Internet infrastructure. This is especially useful for any students considering a future in the Internet environment.

The half-day onsite meeting is divided into two sessions:

  • Classroom session (external venue) – the MIX Network Engineer presents an overview of how networks work and the characteristics of an IXP and answers students’ questions
  • Guided tour of the MIX Datacentre – at the end of the theoretical session, the students have the opportunity to see closely the beating heart of MIX, where the equipment of the main ISPs and content providers are installed.