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8 November 2019 in Traffic Records

Network traffic: what the Fortnite case meant

On October 15th at 3pm we registered an inusuale traffic peak at MIX. What was happening? Joy Marino talks about this with 01net. Read the article (ITA)

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443 delegates representing 198 companies: the Italian Telcos will meet in Milan next week at #MIXSalotto 2019! Learn more on
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30 tables, 102 companies participating, 147 people registered, 300 meetings already scheduled: a very rich one to one meeting session is waiting for you at #MIXSalotto 2019! Are you already in? Register now on
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1 week ago
On October 15th at 3pm we registered an unusual traffic peak here at MIX. What was happening?
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  • Own data center
  • Full service for all the needs of interconnection Layer1, Layer2 and Layer3
  • One single interface for interconnection and colocation


  • Public peering
  • Private peering
  • Peering through closed user group
  • Colocation
  • Interconnection services

Services for carriers

  • Colocation
  • Interconnection to other operators (Meet-Me-Room)
  • Support and access 24/7

Partnership program

  • Pooling@MIX Shared access to the peering VLAN
  • Reselling
    The ideal solution to connect remote operators to MIX

About MIX

  • Internet eXchange founded in 2000
  • Main Italian Internet eXchange and among the first in Europe with respect to the exchanged traffic
  • Based in Milan, in the Caldera Park, the area with the highest concentration of internet operators in Italy
  • 8 PoPs: 7 in Lombardy e 1 in Sicily (Palermo province)
  • Point of “multiple interconnection” to which the networks of Internet operators in Italy (ISPs, carriers, content providers, hoster …), both national or otherwise, connect to exchange IP traffic (peering) with each other
  • Among the few European IXP with its own datacenter 
  • certified IXP for the high standards of reliability and security
  • Founder member of Euro-IX and of Open Hub Med
  • IXP supporting MANRS