How to connect

  1. Contact MIX for more information and to find out the connection method that best suits your needs.
  2. Documentation will be sent to your email; complete and sign the documents, and return either by email or PEC.
  3. The NOC will be in contact to agree on timing and operations.

Connection mode

To connect to MIX switches, the following options are available:

  • Directly, by installing company switches in the MIX data centre.
  • Remotely, by connecting a transmission circuit delivered to one of the MIX locations.
  • By connecting your own switch via colocation at one of the MIX locations.
  • Through one of the MIXPartners.

Useful resources

Guide to configuring peering ports

Contains some suggestions for configuring devices directly connected to MIX, based on the main technologies currently available on the market.

Route Server Service Guide

The Route Server service facilitates the creation of BGP sessions by MIX customers: by configuring a peering session with the Route Server, the session is automatically created with all ASNs connected to it.

For help with all your interconnection
 needs or to ask any questions