The Partnership program

The Partnership program is designed to facilitate the connection of networks to the MIX peering network from locations other than where MIX has its physical switches installed.

To better cover the different needs and offer more opportunities to partners, two different partnership models have been developed:

  • The Reselling Program – is a Qualified Service of the Reselling Partner to bring networks (Reseller Customers) to MIX through a one-stop-shop agreement.
  • The Pooling@MIX Program– is a Best Effort Service of the Pooling Partner to connect networks (Pool Element) to MIX on a pooling port.

The elements common to both of these services are as follows:

  • Reseller Customers and Pool Elements peer to MIX independently and they appear on the MIX connected network list.
  • First level support is provided by the Partner.
  • L2 interconnection support to the LAN peering is provided by MIX
  • Colocation services of client devices at MIX locations are not allowed.

The current MIX Partner list