MIX Gold Sponsor of PeeringDB

MIX is pleased to announce that starting from 2024, it is a Gold Sponsor of PeeringDB 

PeeringDB is a freely accessible database containing information about networks that is input directly by users. It is a non-profit project, managed and promoted by volunteers, with the aim of fostering the growth of the Internet and has over time established itself as a true reference point for anyone involved in interconnections. 

Through PeeringDB, it is possible to obtain information about networks and how to interconnect with them, as well as information regarding their presence at Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), data centres and other interconnection facilities. 

It is therefore a valuable resource for making decisions on any type of interconnection. In this regard, MIX has always encouraged its customers to take full advantage of this opportunity. The presence on PeeringDB maximises the visibility of their networks towards potential peering partners, facilitates the management of peering relationships, and allows them to make the most of the advantages associated with the MIX ecosystem.