The MIX Data Centre was conceived from its origins to host network and transmission equipment.

Management and support procedures are based on principles of efficiency and neutrality, in line with MIX’s mission.

It has a total area of ​​800 m2 divided into two data rooms – DC1 and DC2 – able to offer a high level of reliability and redundancy of the power and cooling systems.

Both data rooms are divided into functional areasGreen, Blue, Red and Orange – to offer a tailor-made service and manage each intervention quickly and accurately.

GREEN AREA – Passive racks dedicated to the colocation of the optical fibers coming from the campus ring

BLUE AREA – Shared racks, powered in AC230V, dedicated to the colocation of network equipment for members of the Internet Exchange

RED AREA – Footprint for the installation of proprietary racks dedicated to hosting transmission equipment, powered by 48V, for the management of geographic networks

ORANGE AREA – Racks intended for special projects

Power supply system

All the components of the MIX data room energy supply system have a backup twin that guarantees reliability, redundancy and therefore service availability.

The data rooms are divided into subsections, each equipped with two diversified power supply lines, A and B, which are in turn connected to two Medium Voltage transformer stations. The UPS of each section are connected to the two 1 MVA generator sets.

Physical Security System

  • The data centre is located on a private campus equipped with 24-hour security.In addition to perimeter security, an integrated intruder alarm system with active video surveillance has been installed.

    Every activity inside the data room takes place under the direct supervision of the MIX NOC technicians


    Environmental controls

    The data rooms are kept at a variable temperature between 21 and 26°C with percentages of relative humidity between 40% and 60%. The refrigeration system consists of a direct expansion system and a hydronic system, with indirect free cooling.

    The fire-fighting system, based on automatic inert gas discharge, is equipped with a VESDA-type laser technology air detection and suction unit, which analyzes the air drawn from the environment, checking in advance for the presence of combustion particles .

    The sensors of the anti-flooding system, which cover the entire surface of the rooms, are placed at the level of the floor level of the building, below the level of the floating floor.

    hting system, based on automatic gas discharge (NAF S125 in SMMIX1and inert IG55 in SMMIX2), equipped with a laser technology air detection and aspiration unit (VESDA type) that analyses the aspirated air in the environment, checking for combustion particles in advance.

  • anti-flooding system sensors which cover the entire surface of the room, placed at floor level of the building (35 cm below the surface of the floating floor)