MIX Bologna: Italy’s main Internet eXchange announces its tenth point of presence at Lepida datacentre

MIX, the main Internet networks interconnection platform in Italy, is pursuing its own decentralization strategy.

Alessandro Talotta, Executive President and Chairman of MIX, has said of the addition: “MIX continues its growth path by expanding its presence in Bologna. The point of presence (PoP) at Lepida opens the way to future partnerships within the public sector, and represents concrete support to sector operators who need greater proximity to internet services”.

MIX Bologna, the tenth and most recent PoP of MIX, is housed within BOIX, the Lepida datacenter, the ICT services hub of the Emilia Romagna Region.

The Bolognese PoP is MIX’s second outside Lombardy, after Palermo opened in 2017, and is configured in all respects as an IXP with its own autonomy.

Created with the aim of expanding the local interconnection infrastructure and attracting Internet operators to the region, MIX Bologna guarantees the best possible latency. It offers an optimal solution for the connection of content and service providers that require reduced access times.

All operators connected to MIX Bologna can also perform direct peering with the 350+ networks present on MIX’s public LAN.

The activation of this new PoP is part of the decentralization process undertaken by MIX, driven on the one hand, by the need to facilitate and encourage the exchange of data at the local level and, on the other, by the availability of access to technologies.

The motto “keep local traffic local”, which for years has summed up the goal of the joint efforts of MIX and the member operators, is once again cemented in MIX’s wider business strategy.