In April 2016 MIX and Data4, a leading French operator in the management of wholesale data centres, signed an agreement which led to the creation of a MIX PoP the following year at the new Cornaredo campus, about 7km from the Caldera Campus. This collaboration significantly accelerated the development and expansion of the IX in the Milan area.

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Network Country ASN
ITGate Network IT 12779
Onecom Global UK 51185
Amazon US 16509
Meta US 32934
Servereasy IT 60798
Akamai US 20940
SI.EL.CO. IT 201806
Reevo IT 31617
Maggioli s.p.a./Elogic IT 200760
BZSolutions IT 209408
myNET-GmbH AT 31543
Epiclink/Soteha IT 204482
Teknonet IT 202975
Sky Wifi IT 210278
Semplify IT 199325
Akamai 2 US 32787
Zayo Italy IT 6461
Apuacom IT 59919