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There are two types of Private Peering:

- by the realization of Private VLAN between two ISPs who are already members of MIX, costs for each one:

  • an activation fee una-tantum of € 150,00;
  • a monthly fee for the ports, if the VLAN is realized with other ports than the ones already used for Public Peering;


  • Monthly fees of Q-Tag,  if the VLAN is realized with ports already used

Note : in case that Q-Tagging occurs on ports already used for Public Peering, the traffic generated by the Private Peering cannot be distinguished from the Public one, so it will sum up in the badwidth usage.


This service is provided to implement a private peering relationship between two MIX members through a physical inter-connection between their peering routers, if both installed inside MIX data center. If one or both of routers are installed outside the MIX premises, the interconnection is considered by the MIX like an "Interconnection to transmission equipment".

Set-up fee
:=  € 750,00; una-tantum; charged to the applicant.
[The fee does not include the costs for the circuit provided by ISPs]

The service includes:
  • laying of interconnection circuit (only if prior authorized) on specific pipes.
Note : just for statistic purposes, ISPs are asked to provide to the MIX the data of traffic exchanged on the private link. The detailed statistics are non publicly shown, but partecipate in aggregated way to the Total MIX traffic graphic.
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