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MIX members available statistics

In addition to the common traffic statistics tools representing the amount of traffic exchanged on the peering LAN, MIX has developed innovative tools that allow each MIX members to get personalized views of their traffic transiting across MIX switches.

All these tools are built using sFlow packet sampling technology that is supported at wire-speed by means of dedicated ASICs, without affecting the switching capabilities of MIX devices.


  • Traffic Matrix : this tool allows each MIX member to visualize the amount of traffic exchanged with any other MIX member having a peering relation. The graphics, up-to-dated every 5 minutes, show the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly amount of traffic that each ISP's interface exchanges with any given interface of another member. Each member can access just to the traffic matrix relating to its own interfaces.
  • Peering Matrix : easily obtained by Traffic Matrix data, it represents peering relations among multiple Autonomous System on MIX. The accuracy of the result is granted beeing built on really exchanged data.
  • Typological Matrix : another extension of the Traffic Matrix is this tool that details the composition of traffic exchanged in terms of protocols and applications.
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