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Welcome! Benvenuto! Välkommen!

If you are in this mini-portal, is because one of MIX friendly Internet Exchange has redirected you here, providing you an easy way to know how to peer at Milan Internet Exchange in Milan.
Our Support Team will explain the local conditions in London which may vary considerably from your current experience of other markets.
Please use it whether you plan to peer directly at MIX (with a peering router housed in the MIX data center, Via Caldera 21 Milano) or remotely(using a carrier and a LAN extension service.
We'd like to acknowledge and thank Netnod and LINX (our co-operative partners)for redirecting you here!
For starting, please read the following white papers:


More information via MIX web pages :

Who can interconnect you to MIX Who can you peer with at MIX MIX services and Fees

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For any further information, see MIX website or contact us at

+39 02 40915701
+39 02 40915693
via Caldera,21 - 20153 Milano, IT
C.F. / P.I. 13036360157

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