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During the summer of 2009, MIX and the Internet Exchange leaders in Sweden (Netnod) and Britain (Linx) started a cross promotion in order to help their own customers who want to join the other IXs.

As a first step to further analysis, the initiative consists of the realisation of portals that illustrate, together with some shared documents, the main characteristics of each of the three IXes. This guides users through the collection of all the technical and commercial information.

All MIX customers will have detailed information on how to connect to the other IX’s portals involved in the initiative; of course MIX will always be available to facilitate any possible joining request.

In this page you can see our mini-portal: if you want to enter Linx and Netnod portals you need a username and password provided by the two IXes.

The strong cooperation feeling that put together the friends of MIX, LINX and Netnod could see, over time, the involvement of more IXPs that, as the three promoters, share the spirit and work towards achieving common objectives.



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