The Carriers, or operators able to provide internet connectivity through their own infrastructures, find in MIX spaces equipped to install their own transmission equipment or even optical termination fully managed and served by MIX.

Within a protected environment and guaranteed in its functionality, MIX carriers in the datacenter can offer interconnection services to operators connected on the peering LAN, transit services to the Big Internet and interconnect their equipment (active or passive) to those of the operators installed in the datacenter, easily, quickly and at low cost.


Organization Country
Airbeam IT
Aruba IT
BBanda IT
Briantel IT
BT Italia IT
CenturyLink Communications Italia IT
CloudItalia Telecomunicazioni IT
Cogent Communications US
Colt Technology Services IT
Digital Telecommunication Services IT
Eolo IT
Equinix (Italia) Enterprises IT
Fastweb IT
Fiber Telecom IT
GTT Communications IT
Internet One IT
Irideos IT
IX Reach UK
Lepida IT
Mediaveneto IT
OpenFiber IT
Qcom IT
Retelit IT
Seeweb IT
Supernap Italia IT
Telecom Italia Sparkle IT
Telia Company IT
Tiscali Italia IT
Trentino Digitale IT
Verizon Italia IT
Vodafone Italia IT
Welcome Italia IT
Wind Tre IT
Xmatica IT


This is a supplementary service provided inside the MIX data halls (MIX Core DC). The service only provides for the installation of network, routing or transmission equipment and is not intended as a housing/hosting service for its own sake.

  • Available for all operators connected to the peering LAN and carriers, in the following areas of the MIX DC Core:
      • Blue area – for the installation of peering equipment
      • Red area – for the installation of transmission equipment (ADM, xWDM, SDH, etc.) powered at -48 V DC
      • Green area – for the installation of optical boxes
  • Provide/take advantage of Layer1 and/or Layer2 transport services
  • Provide/take advantage of transit services to other operators present, or exploit its resources also for transport services not strictly related to the peering environment of MIX

This in an environment where we guarantee:

  • availability of a colocation space in a highly equipped area at very low costs; more details on the datacenter
  • first level assistance, fault management and support for the installation of devices and direct interventions on them (insertion of cards, connections, tests, etc.) directly by MIX NOC
  • speed and flexibility in interventions thanks to direct contact with MIX NOC
  • possibility to access the premises in 24/7

In Red area:

  • minimum floor space of 300×600;
  • usage of -48 V DC redundant power supply on the energy station;
  • passage of optical fibers and/or copper links in different pipes.

In Green area:

  • 19″ rack space for the accomodation of the optical boxes in which the fibers of the carrier end;
  • pre-cabling in MM and SM fibers to the MIX switches.

Interconnection to other operators (Meet-Me-Room)

MIX datacenter represents a big “Meet-Me-Room” in which all ISPs and Carriers equipment can be easily interconnected by making private peering agreements, by buying and selling of transit, by interconnecting backbones or PoPs of the same network inside MIX and between MIX and other data centers connected to it.

  • Available for all operators (ISPs and Carriers) present in MIX datacenter;
  • It allows the physical interconnection between active and/or passive devices located in any area of MIX in protected and controlled routes
  • Opportunity to create interconnections to all operators present at MIX
  • Realization of the interconnections in fiber or copper in differentiated raceways and prepared to cover all the areas of the halls
  • Ease and speed in the implementation of interconnections thanks to the assistance and operational support from MIX NOC
  • Routing in protected raceways to the exclusive access of the MIX NOC
  • Control, inventory and labelling of each circuit laid by the operators
  • Drafting of the same circuit by the MIX NOC

Support and h24 access

MIX provides to Carriers an on-call service with h24x365 formula for any kind of work on their own equipment and circuits installed in MIX Data Center. The operators can contact MIX NOC and require the access to the datacenter outside working hours according to the conditions described in L1 and L2 contracts.

The service is divided in two categories:

  • H24 (annual fee) – for equipments installed in Red area and possibly in Green area
  • S24 (fee for intervention) – for equipments installed in Green area