Reselling Partner Program

The Reselling Partner Program is designed to facilitate the connection of remote operators to MIX from anywhere in the world. The service is aimed at both national and international Service Providers able to offer MIX connection for remote peering (Reseller) solutions. Thanks to the reselling, Service Providers are able to offer their customers a one-stop-shop solution inclusive of transport, connection to MIX and complete management of any administrative procedures.

Reseller Benefits

  • Discounted rates of peering ports on MIX switches
  • Support during the setup of the program by MIX staff
  • The opportunity to integrate the service portfolio with a MIX peering offer

The Technical set-up

The service is provided on dedicated 10 Gb ports. The individual reseller’s customers are in effect connected networks of the MIX peering platform and appear on the MIX connected network list.