What is Reselling?

Reselling is a tool designed to facilitate the connection of remote operators to MIX.
The service is aimed at national and international operators able to offer MIX connection for remote peering (Reseller) solutions. Thanks to the reselling, operators are able to offer their customers a one-stop-shop service inclusive of transport, connection to MIX and  complete management of any administrative procedure.

Reseller advantages

  • Purchase of ports on MIX switches at competitive prices
  • Support during setup by MIX
  • Opportunity to expand its offer of B2B services


The service is provided on dedicated 10 and 100 GB ports.
The final customers are in effect members of MIX.

Possible models:

  • dedicated port resale: 1 port = 1 MAC address (1×1 model)
  • resale capacity on shared port: 1 port = n MAC address (model 1xn)