This service facilitates the remote connection of groups of small or medium networks to the MIX for those located in areas far from the current MIX locations.

Through Pooling, multiple networks can remotely have access to the MIX public LAN by connecting to a single shared peering port managed by the Pooling Partner.

The General set-up

The pool is made up of following two components:

  • Pooling Partner (Pool Registrar) – they are responsible for the correct use of resources by the Pool of networksand is the direct interface for the common technical and administrative practices that regulate the access of the Pool to MIX
  • A minimum of two Pool Elements – being, networks belonging to the group that are enabled for peering on the MIX public LAN.

Benefits of the service

  • Remote access to the MIX peering network
  • Reduced costs thanks to sharing of access resources
  • Entering in the peering world with a cost-effective solution
  • Increased business opportunities for all those involved, be they networks, carriers, regional datacenter providers or other regional Internet Exchange Points.

The Technical set-up

By configuring multiple MAC addresses and IP addresses on a single shared port, each pool network can establish peering relationships with any ASN connected to MIX.
Each Pool can have access to speed ports equal to 10 Gbps or more on which L2 security mechanisms are enabled for optimal and safe management of traffic that passes through it.


  • For the Pool Registrar: the price of the MIX port (see price list)
  • For the Pool Element: only the MIX membership of € 850,00