What is Pooling?

It is a service created to facilitate the connection to MIX, aimed at groups of medium/small operators located outside the Milan area. Through Pooling, multiple MIX members can share the access circuit to the public VLAN. Similarly, a transport operatorcan offer MIX access to its remotecustomers (potential MIX members) by connecting them to a single peering port.

Pool organization

The establishment of a pool involves only those who are part of it and is independent of MIX.

The term pool is used when referring to

  • Pool Registrar that acts as a reseller. It is responsible for the correct use of resources by the Pool and is the direct interface for the common technical and administrative practices that regulate the access of the Pool to the exchange point;
  • one or more Elements, subjects belonging to the Pool, enabled for peering on the public VLAN.

Advantages of the service

Ensuring adherence to competitive coststhanks to sharing of access resources, the model increases business opportunities for all those involved, be they transport operators, datacenter providers or regional IXs.


By configuring multiple MAC addresses and IP addresses on a single shared port, each pool element can establish peering relationships with all ASs connected to MIX.
Each Pool can have access to speed ports equal to 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps on which L2 security mechanisms are enabled for optimal and safe management of traffic that passes through it.


  • For the Pool Registrar: cost of the MIX port (see price list)
  • For the Pool Element: annual membership fee € 850,00