The MIX datacenter is an optimal solution for housing network and transmission equipment.

MIX datacenter has a total area of 800 square meters divided into two datacenter – MIX DC1 and MIX DC2 – and sub-divided into 5 areas, to offer a tailor-made service and to manage each intervention quickly and accurately.

Red area

  • dedicated to the installation of transmission equipment (e.g. ADM, *WDM or other)
  • has four completely redundant -48V DC power stations equipped with a battery system that guarantees an additional life of 6 hours, even if there is a complete absence of UPS systems.

Green area

  • dedicated to the installation of optical boxes and equipped with pre-wired multimode and single-mode fiber racks towards MIX switches
  • does not include the installation of active devices
  • it houses meet-me-room

Blu area

  • dedicated to the installation of peering equipment (routers) belonging to MIX members
  • all the racks are equipped with redundant 230V AC power bars and certified fiber optic and copper cabling to MIX switches

Orange area

  • mixed-feed area (230 V AC and -48 V DC) useful for providing tailor-made solutions

Yellow area

  • area inside the blue area, variable in size depending on needs
  • dedicated to the installation of Layer 2 devices for operators offering access services to MIX through LAN Extension

MIX has two class III plus datacenters (according to the International Standard ANSI/TIA 942), offering the highest level of reliability and redundancy of power and cooling systems.

The management and support procedures ensure the neutrality of the datacenter, in line with the MIX mission.

From an electrical point of view, the datacenters are subdivided into four subsections, each equipped with two power lines, called “line A” and “line B”, positioned respectively along the ceiling of the datacenter and on the floor. Each line is derived in an entirely independent way from a different access (counter) connected to the local distribution network.

The fail proof electrical supply system is completely redundant in every component: each main distribution panel is equipped with its own 120 KVA UPS. The 6 UPSs of each macro section are connected to two separate 1 MVA generator sets. This solution guarantees a steady electrical feed for the 230V and 48V devices installed in the room.

Physical security and control and monitoring systems

  • anti-intrusion alarm system with sensors on all the gates and blinds on the room windows
  • constant monitoring through a CCTV system that records the video sequences of all accesses
  • operating conditions of the center infrastructure constantly monitored: any alarms are reported in real time both to a local mimic panel and to the consoles of the NOC operators
  • direct supervision by the MIX NOC technicians of every activity in the datacenter

Air conditioning, firefighting and anti-flooding

  • constant maintenance of room temperature at 23/24°C and 50% non-condensing humidity from 19 internal cooling units with remote air-cooled condensers and 2 chillers with 280 KWh freecooling
  • fire-fighting system, based on automatic gas discharge (NAF S125 in SMMIX1and inert IG55 in SMMIX2), equipped with a laser technology air detection and aspiration unit (VESDA type) that analyses the aspirated air in the environment, checking for combustion particles in advance.
  • anti-flooding system sensors which cover the entire surface of the room, placed at floor level of the building (35 cm below the surface of the floating floor)

Access procedures 

Access to the datacenter can only be gained in the presence of MIX NOC staff, upon request.

  • For ordinary interventions: fill out this online form at least three working days in advance
  • For emergencies: (in case of signing of the availability service contract with 24×365 formula) request the intervention of a MIX technician available 24 hours a day.

The MIX secretary records all accesses to the datacenters: date and time of entry/exit, name, identity document and signature of the personnel who had access and brief description of the intervention performed.

Access is allowed after signing the declaration of acceptance of safety regulations and the correct use of the datacenter [Ref. MIX-M-303e] provided by MIX.