MIX Datacentre

The MIX Datacentre is an optimal solution for housing network and transmission equipment intended for interconnecting at MIX.

The MIX Datacentre has been divided into four separate and specific areas to offer a tailored solution and to professionally manage both requested interventions by the MIX NOC staff on for connected network devices and for the arrival of a newly connected networks.

MIX is a certified Internet Exchange Point based on the high standards of reliability and security and has received the following certifications:



This is a supplementary service provided inside the MIX Datacentre that houses the MIX Core switches. The service is provided for the installation of network, routing or transmission equipment for MIX related interconnections and is not intended as a housing/hosting location of other equipment.

This service is made available for networks connected to the MIX peering LAN and the equipment can be placed in the following areas of the MIX Datacentre:

  • Blue area – for AC powered routing and switching gears
  • Red area – for DC powered transmission gear (ADM, xWDM,)
  • Green area – for incoming fiber ODF
  • The possibility of Layer1 and/or Layer2 transport services
  • The possibility of providing transit services to other MIX connected networks
  • Guaranteed availability of a colocation space in a professionally equipped area at very low costs; more details aboutthe MIX Datacentre
  • First level assistance, fault management and support for the installation of devices
  • MIX NOC staff can quickly and professionally carry out the insertion of cards, connections, tests, etc.
  • Possibility to access the premises on a 24/7 basis

In the Blue area

  • Provision of racks units in shared racks
  • The use of AC power double feed
  • Routing of optical fibers and/or copper wires in differentiated raceways
  • Out Of Band management line
  • Pre-cabled rack to the MIX Meet-Me-Room

In the Red area

  • Provision of space with a minimum area equal to a 300×600 tile
  • The use of double power feed from -48V DC redundant rectifiers
  • Routing of optical fibers and/or copper wires in differentiated raceways
  • Dedicated pre-cabling trunk to the MIX Meet-Me-Room

In the Green area

  • Single rack units for the accomodation of optical boxes for fibers to the carrier end
  • Customized pre-cabling to the MIX Meet-Me-Room

Interconnection to other MIX Connected Networks (Meet-Me Room)

The MIX Datacentre also acts as a large “Meet-Me-Room” where all MIX connected networks’ equipment can be easily interconnected by making either private peering agreements, by buying and selling of transit, or by interconnecting backbones of the same networks inside the MIX Datacentre and/or between the MIX Datacentre and other data centers connected to it.

The circuit request process for networks with equipment at the MIX Datacentre is simple and effecient.

  1. The applicant network fills in the form in the reserved area of  MIX website. Together with the connection details, they send it to MIX with the LOA of the network to whom the connection is requested
  2. MIX staff verifies the request and sends the quotation with the delivery options: either standard (within 11 working days) or premium (within 5 working days);
  3. Upon receipt of the signed order, MIX plans the drafting of the circuit and communicates the release date;
  4. Upon completion of the drafting, the operators involved receive the RFS (Ready For Service) of the connection.

This service is available for all networks present in the MIX Datacentre.
It allows the physical interconnection between active and/or passive devices located in any area of the MIX Datacentre via protected and controlled routes.

  • Opportunity to create interconnections to all MIX connected networks
  • The realisation of the interconnections in secured raceways to any part of the MIX Datacentre
  • Fast and efficient implementation of interconnections via the assistance and operational support of the dedicated MIX NOC staff
  • Routing in protected raceways that are only accessible by the MIX NOC staff
  • Control, inventory and labelling of each circuit laid out for the Carrier
  • Drafting of the same circuit by the MIX NOC staff