Introducing the new and improved MIX Customer Portal and MIX Finder

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Introducing the new and improved MIX Customer Portal and MIX Finder

By 9 June 2022 No Comments

After listening to feedback, we decided to give our portal a revamp to ensure we continue providing excellent digital experiences for our customers at all stages of their journey with MIX. 

We are now delighted to officially launch the new and improved MIX Customer Portal, whose customer-centric improvements will help us provide high-quality internet services in Italy. Some new features you can expect include;

  • Improved control — Customers can set up multiple accounts within the portal.
  • Enhanced statistics — We’ve rewritten our software to provide better traffic data analytics.

Customers can also enjoy our latest feature release, the MIX Finder. MIX Finder is an internal search engine that will enable all of our customers to do business with one another. 

If you’re looking for a particular peering-related service, you can use the new tool to search the portal for all relevant vendors. Every MIX customer has a dedicated page listing the services they provide, as well as relevant contacts. This digital marketplace will help users to procure and provide services with fellow MIX customers—just another way we’re helping improve the quality of the Internet in Italy.

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