New MIX Board of Directors elected


New MIX Board of Directors elected

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On May 29th, the annual Shareholders’ Meeting of MIX was held which, upon the expiry of the three-year term of the Board of Directors, was called to vote on the renewal of the offices.

The newly elected Board, in office for the three-year period 2020-2022, is made up as follows:

President in office for fiscal year 2020: Giuseppe (Joy) Marino (independent)
Vice-President in office for the fiscal year 2020 and President in office for the fiscal two-year period 2021-2022:  Alessandro Talotta (independent)

Contatore Eugenio (ITnet S.r.l.)
Figini Vittorio (ULI S.r.L.)
Fiorentino Marco (A.I.I.P.)
Garrone Guido (Eolo S.p.A.)
Giovanardi Andrea (BT Italia S.p.A.)
Langellotti Alberto Maria (Telecom Italia S.p.A.)
Loro Roberto (Sequenza S.p.A.) – Representative of Minority Shareholders
Podda Andrea (Tiscali Italia S.p.A.)
Protto Federico (Retelit S.p.A.)
Scarlato Vincenzo (Irideos S.p.A.)
Signorelli Giulio (Wind Tre S.p.A.)

With a greater representation on the Board of the 16 shareholders, MIX confirms its independent and super partes role, with a non-profit approach, characteristics that today have led it to be the reference IXP in Italy for national and international operators.


MIX, 20 years after its foundation, currently has more than 300 AS connected on the public peering LAN, with an aggregate capacity of 6.5Tbps and daily traffic peaks of almost 1Tbps, 8 national PoPs and closes 2019 with a turnover of around € 4M.