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MIX and its data center are not intended for housing, since this service in itself does not conform to MIX's goals.

In the interest of the operators that choose MIX for peering, having a wide selection of carriers to rely on for the connection to their own backbones is fundamental, both to improve redundancy and therefore reliability of the networks and also for the beneficial effects (also economically speaking) of the multiple transport options available.

Mix has developed 3 different scenarios for Carriers, that can be accessed together or separately:



In the first scenario the Carrier installs inside MIX data center a node from which it can provide circuits to the ISP present at MIX.This node (ADM or *WDM equipment) can be installed in the Area specifically designed for this kind of equipment: THE RED AREA

The Red Area includes:
  • space management in terms of slot (or standard floor space 600x600 mm) occupied by the operators equipment;
  • possibility to install own racks inside a space equipped according to the state-of-the-art market quality standards ;
  • availability, in the first instance, to supply redundant power in direct current at -48V;
  • the possibility to access the data center that hosts the equipment with a H24 formula, seven days a week;
  • metal pipelines where installing both the circuits provided to MIX operators and the connection of the node with its backbone.

The second scenario is based on the possibility for an operator to terminate its connections directly inside MIX data center through the Campus fibers organized in an optical box (ODF).Another area of MIX room has been designed to host this kind of equipment.It's called  GREEN AREA.

The Green Area includes:
  • The installation of optical boxes into standard 19” racks to terminate fiber circuits that come from inside the Caldera Campus;
  • Possibility to host only passive equipment;
  • Availability of MM and SM fiber pre-cabling in order to easily reach the peering switches from the green area.

The third scenario is intended for the operators that offer access services to MIX through LAN extension services. In other terms, those services that allow the ISP to remotely locate the peering router in any other location while reaching MIX through an infrastructure that from MIX's perspective is a transport platform operating at level 2 of the ISO/OSI stack. To host this kind of equipment (typically ethernet switches) an area of the MIX data room called  YELLOW AREA has been reserved.

The Yellow Area is organized as follows:
  • Is physically next to the BLUE AREA, that hosts peering routers, and it shares many of its features: (the standard 19” racks, the pre-cabling towards the cabinets that host MIX switches, the 220V AC power supply);
  • From the equipment placed in the Yellow Area it is not only possible to provide “MIX remote” services, but also supplying generic circuits to other members that are terminated on the peering router already installed inside the data center.
  • The details on the technical and organizational specifications for the Operators that offer LAN extension services to MIX are available here

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