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The service of Co-lo gives the possibility to the ISPs to install their routing and trasmission equipment inside the data center, for doing peering or give transit. This service is not an housing/hosting service in itself.

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  • The carriers have the opportunity to install their own equipment inside MIX data center in the following areas:
    • Red Area : in the case of installation of trasmission equipment (ADM, xWDM, SDH etc.) -48 V DC powered;
    • Ala Yellow Area : in the case of installation of equipment for L2 transit (switch etc) -220 V AC;
    • Green Area: in the case of installation of optical boxes.
For a detailed description of each area, go to the data center section.


The presence in MIX Data Center allows the operators to:

  • provideL1 and/or L2 transport services towards MIX LAN to the customer ISPs
  • providetransit services to the other operators present in the data center, that is, use the resources for transport services not strictly related to MIX peering environment

All that inside an environment in which it's guaranteed:

  • Availability to use a co-location space in a highly equipped area at low prices; (for a detailed illustration of the spaces, go tothe data center section)
  • First level assistence, management of damages and support of MIX NOC for the installation of the equipment and direct operations (card insertion, links, tests, etc.);
  • Quickness and flexibility for any intervention thanks to the direct contact with NOC;</li>
  • Data center access 24x7.
  • In Red Area :
  • minimum floor space of 600x600;
  • usage of -48 V DC redundant power supply on the energy station;
  • passage of optical fibers and/or copper links in different pipes.
  • In Green Area :
  • 19" rack space for the accomodation of the optical boxes in which the fibers of the carrier end;
  • pre-cabling in MM and SM fibers to the MIX switches.
  • In Yellow Area :
  • supply of 19" racks: 600x600, 600x800,800x1000;
  • pre-cabling in MM and SM Fiber and/or copper from the racks to MIX switches;
  • redundant power supply over two independent electrical systems which are present insideData Center;
  • pre-cabling from the racks to the OOB system arranged by MIX.


The Data Center of MIX represents a big "Meet-Me-Room" in which all ISPs and Carriers equipment can be easily interconnected by making private peering agreements, by buying and selling of transit, by interconnecting backbones or PoPs of the same network inside MIX and between MIX and other data centers connected to it.

Abstract         Benefits         What's included         Fees

  • Available for all the operators (ISP and Carrier) that are present in MIX Data Center;
  • It allows the physics interconnection between active and passive equipment located in any MIX area inside protected and controlled pipes.

  • Possibility to supply the service to about 100 operators among ISPs and other carriers that are present at MIX;
  • Realization of fiber/copper interconnection inside differentiated pipes organized to cover all areas of data center;
  • Ease and quickness in the realization of the interconnections thanks to the support by NOC.

  • Passage in protected pipes exclusively accessed by NOC staff;
  • Monitoring, Inventory and labeling of each circuit installed by the operators;
  • Laying of the circuit itself by MIX NOC


MIX provides to Carriers an on-call service with H24x365 formula for any kind of work on their own equipment and circuits installed in MIX Data Center. Thanks to this service, the operators can contact MIX NOC and require the access to the Data Center outside working hours according to the conditions described in L1 and L2 contracts.


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