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Connection scenarios

Network infrastructure

Once the membership request has been accepted, the operator has several possibilities to connect to MIX

- Install your routers in MIX Data Center and manage peering sessions with other operators from there.

- Keep or install the routers in one of the data centers inside the Caldera campus and use the local fiber to connect to the peering LAN.

- Connect to MIX through a LAN extension service.

- Connecting to a MIX satellite PoP.

- Connecting via the Pooling@MIX service.

- Connection by a Radio Link.

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To enhance the peering relationships among the existing operators and to facilitate the access to those subject that, otherwise, may have some difficulties, MIX positioned itself in some Points of Presence on the regional and national territory.


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Configuration guides

Route Server

In the following section, we provide some suggestions about the configuration of devices directly connected to MIX. In this regard, we have taken into consideration some of the most recent technologies available on the market.

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A route server service is also available to help the customer in making the BGP session. Once a single peering session is configured with the router, the session is automatically established with all the other devices connected to the same router.

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