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ISPs connected to MIX have the benefit of making Peering agreements in the place in Italy with the highest concentration of Internet operators. In an easy and cost-effective way they have:

  • redundant interconnection to double Peering LAN;
  • ports from 100Mbps, 1 Gbps, 10Gbps and 100 Gbps;
  • private interconnection services to manage big quantity of bilateral traffic;
  • flexible charging scheme ;
  • an excellent, neutral and independent data center dedicated to the routing and transmission equipment of MIX operators,completely managed internally and highly qualified in terms of both physical protection and continuity of service;
  • a direct peering relationship on the peering LAN with three replicas of the 13 Root DNS servers and with many other TLD DNS servers;
  • exchange of IPv4, IPv6 and Multicast traffic in the same infrastructure and without additional costs;
  • direct relations with MIX staff for all the problems concerning the interconnection, peering and Co-location;
  • ease of interconnection from the data centers located inside the Campus area, already fiber-connected to the MIX data center.

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