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Lepida, a company that develops and manages the Regional Network of Emilia-Romagna is involved in the implementation and optimization of the region infrastructure system and development of innovative services. With a mandate from its Members, it supports and promotes the measures for the reduction of the digital divide. Lepida mission is to achieve the greatest possible number of agreements and memoranda of understanding with the  players of the area, providing even technological infrastructures to facilitate the settlement of the operators themselves.
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3P System is an Internet Service Provider of Venice district which has developed its own WiFi network interconnected to the network of other operators that have the same philosophy.
The services offered by 3p System are addressed both to individuals and businesses, and they concern the providing of ADSL, HDSL and fiber optics on the country.

ISP of Forlì-Cesena area, it provides networking solutions that unify separate networks, voice, data, Internet/intranet access, fax and video, in an integrated powerful and multimedia network that supports tens of thousands users. With a network spread throughout the national and international area and thanks to the agreements with the major capacity suppliers, Cesena Net is able to offer a support for different types of connectivity.
It is a Public company of Ferrara district which has the aim to achieve a double broadband network in the close area: the first, "Lepida", destined to the Public Administrations and the second, property of the company, for citizens and businesses. Since September 2005, it has created a broadband network consists of 250 km of fiber-optic infrastructure and forty-five radio systems covering 900 sq of Ferrara district.
      GooMobile is specialized in research and development of mobile Internet services and it offers to its customers alternative solutions also in the field of Web business applications.
It is a company that operates within the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Founded as Internet Service Provider and independent Web Agency, it has invested over the years also in the fixed telephone market, gaining a huge knowledge in the field and being successful to achieve the aim of providing well rounded telecommunications services.

      NetandWork has been providing Internet and Telecommunication services to businesses and public administrations for over 10 years. They offer broadband communication systems in optical fibre or wireless, housing and hosting professional services, security, disaster recovery and business continuity to intranet networks, as well as web services such as the construction of platforms, portals and dynamic websites. Thanks the two data centers with a optical fiber ring of over 2000 km, it supports the business of any company, guaranteeing a service, a reliability and a safety with an assistance able to intervene 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Internet service provider of Bologna district, whose mission is to promote the social and economic development for citizens and companies through the provision of a state-of-the-art and efficient communication services integrated in the Italian ecosystem.

      National company that operates in the telecommunications sector both as Internet Service Providers and as ICT hardware provider of the major players such as IBM, Brocade, SUN, NetApp, HP etc. It provides consulting services, IT solutions and hardware maintenances.
Is an Internet service provider of Piacenza which offers in addition to ADSL services, in locations difficult to reach, also realizing  wireless link and remote control systems for different applications.

      Provider that offers ADSL wireless connections with high quality standards even in areas not covered by the traditional ADSL, both to end users and enterprises. They offer the services over proprietary resources and an engineered network  built through planned investments to ensure an efficient service, making use of existing radio links.

Voix is an operator of the Emilia Romagna district which takes care of Information Technology providing broadband and ultra broadband connections to private, companies and public administrations with particular attention at digital divide areas, using the most innovative wireless and cabled access technologies. Thanks to its own infrastructure, Voix supports its customers in their business providing consulting and services like cloud computing and virtualization of phone system.      
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