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It is a service created to facilitate the connection to MIX, addressing to groups of small/medium operators located outside the Milan area. Through the Pooling, many MIX members can share the access circuit to the public VLAN. Similarly, a transport operator can offer access to MIX to its remote customers (potential MIX members) connecting them on a single peering port

The creation of a pool involves the only entities that are part of it and it is independent by MIX.
We can talk about Pooling when we have:
- A Pool Registrar who acts as reseller. He is responsible for the proper use of resources by the Pool and it is the direct interface for technical and economic common practices that govern the Pool access to the exchange point;
- One or more Pool Elements, members of the Pool who can do public peering on the public VLAN.

Ensuring the membership at competitive costs through the sharing of the access resources, the model increases the business opportunities for everyone involved, whether they are transport operators, data center providers or regional IXs. Besides being an economically and attractive alternative to join MIX and connect with more than 150 national and international operators, the connection via Pooling is an unique opportunity that allows the Pools Registrar to add a unique component to their service portfolio and it simplifies further the Pool element membership, thanks to the possibility to see which Registrar is geographically closer.

Due to the configuration of multiple MAC-address and IP addresses on the same shared port, each member of the Pool can establish peering relationships with the other members, like any other MIX member, with the advantage to reduce the cost of the access resources. In order for the shared circuit to be sufficient for each participant in the Pool, the Pool Registrar must ensure that the sum of the access speed ports to the remote equipment is always less, or equal, than the capacity of the circuit connection to the public VLAN. The ports that a Pool may require can have speed of 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps where, as already happens on the switch ports of MIX, security L2 mechanisms are enabled for the optimal and safe management of the traffic that passes through it.

Download the Overview (MIX-210e.1.0) document
Download the Agreement between MIX and Pool Registrar (MIX-114e.1.2) document 
Download the Agreement between MIX and Pool Element (MIX-115e.1.2) document
Download the Application form for Pool Element (MIX-116e.1.1) document
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