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Network Infrastructure

The choice of placing PoPs in some strategically interesting areas of Milan will help a gradual growth of MIX network, which has always operated from the inside of its data center so far. To improve peering relations among the existing operators and facilitate the access to those who have difficulties for geographical or technical reasons, we installed some access switches from which the interested operators can connect to MIX.
With this aim, from the regional point of view, MIX is present inside the datacenters of Telecity Group (South of Milan), KPNQwest Italia and Infracom (inside Caldera Campus) while, on the national side, an agreements has been signed with GARR for the PoP hosted inside the Computer Centre division of the University of Palermo. The basic service is offered in these data centers in the same way and at the same prices than the interconnection realized directly in the headquarter of Via Caldera.


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