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How to join MIX

To join the MIX, follow this procedure:

1. Read the "Memorandum of Understanding for joining MIX".

2. Fill in the "Application Form" .

3. Send the MoU (in double copy), the Application Form and the Data Protection Rules to the address:

 MIX S.r.L. Via Caldera, 21 - Pal. D/3 - 20153 Milan – Italy

4. MIX examines the request and:

  • whenever a positive decision has been reached, the Director informs the Board of Directors about the new member and the admission procedure continues;
  • whenever a non positive decision has been reached, the Director submits the request to the Board of Directors that will take the final decision;
In both cases, within 30 days, the MIX will inform the applicants by e-mail about the reached decision.

5.Whenever a positive decision, the MIX sends to the ISP the invoice related to the annual joining fee.

6.After the payments, the MIX sends by e-mail the couple username/password for the 2nd level access to the member’s private pages.

7. The ISP fill in the "Technical Form" accessible in the Members Documentation using the 2nd level password received.

8.The MIX assigns the couples "username/password" required by the applicant inside the Technical Form and informs the requester by e-mail (Note 1).

9. The new member, by using  the right level password,, must fill in all the technical information about its organization in the member’s private area; these information are the information used by all the other peers. (Attention: Note 2).

10. The technical office of the MIX contacts the technical personnel of the new member, for agreeing on installation details about geographical circuits as well as routers housing inside the MIX premises.

11. At the activation of the service, the MIX sends the invoice related to the annual membership fee.The MIX will contact the requester for any further information if needed.For further information please contact the MIX by e-mail to

Note 1 - Any information will be send from the MIX to the e-mail indicated by the requester in the "Application Form".

Note 2 - All the information present into the member’s private area must be maintained by the members themselves. The value of these data is used for automatic generation of public data (e.g.: the peering matrix) or for troubleshooting operation or for statistics generation or for the own peers and route prefixes advertising to the other members: then, it's very important for a good peering functionality maintain it always updated.


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