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Physical security and control & monitoring systems

MIX data center is equipped with an anti-burglar system which has sensors placed on all the windows and blinds. In addition, the data center is constantly monitored by means of closed-circuit cameras, that record the video sequences of any access.

Working conditions of the infrastructure are continuously monitored and all the alarms are reported in real time on a local panel as well as on the console of NOC operators.

Every activity carried out by external personnel inside the data center is directly supervised by MIX staff.

Conditioning, Fire/flood alarms

The temperature inside the data center is kept at 19 C degrees with non condensed humidity of 50% by seven internal cooling units with external air condensers. Fire system is equipped with a power plant of air detection and aspiration with a laser technology (VESDA type) which analyzes the air drawn inside the environment verifying in advance the presence of combustion particles and it is based on automatic gas unload.

The gas that is used is NAF S125. Flood sensors are placed at the floor level (35 cm below the raised floor level), and cover all the surface of the data center.

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