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The MIX Data Room was born with the intention to give to the Telecommunication Operators an optimal solution to lodge their equipment.

In order to offer differentiated services and fast and accurate operations both for planned activities and the arrival of new operators, we have divided the space of the datacenter in 4 different areas:


Red Area: area dedicated to the operators that provide data transport service on their own equipment (for ex. ADM, *WDM or other). For this area four completely redundant -48V DC power stations have been arranged. The stations include a battery system that guarantees a supplementary endurance of 6 hours even in case of lack of UPS systems and generator.

Green area: this area is dedicated to the operators present inside the Campus who end their backbones in their optical boxes installed inside the Data center.These racks are already pre-cabled to the peering switches with singlemode and multimode fibers.No active equipment is installed in this area.

Blue area: this area is dedicated to the installation of peering (router) equipment of MIX members. The area is equipped with racks provided with redundant 220V AC power and certified copper/fiber cabling to the peering switches. Moreover, in this area MIX has created a space that can be expanded on real demand and entirely known as Yellow area, dedicated to the installation of Layer2 equipment for the operators that offer Lan Extension services towards MIX.

Orange area: this area has been studied to provide the operators and/or the ISPs  both AC and DC power. Yellow area: it hosts the switches and the AC powered equipment to provide access to MIX through a LAN extension service. We consider it a strategic point in which the different information and data cross the network, thanks to any person who needs to use the Internet. 

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