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The development of IXPs in Europe has been particularly significant compared to the US and, apart from very rare exceptions, each European Country counts at least one main IX.

In 2001 a small team of seven European IXPs, including MIX, founded EURO-IX, the European Association of Internet Exchanges with the purpose to co-ordinate and exchange information and experiences and to promote harmonization activities among the IXs of different countries for the benefit of the whole European Internet community.

EURO-IX grew over the years and from 2005 has opened the door to IXPs from other continents, emerging today as the most representative entity in the field of peering worldwide.

MIX, one of the six charter members of EURO-IX and for the first six years, part of its Board of Directors, has the pleasure to create through these pages, a direct line between the communities and the Association which promote the knowledge of contents and tools shared and agreed on by the people who work in this field.
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