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Mix’s staff is composed of 7 people and manage all the aspects of the company. The internal activities are organised as follows:

  • Management: it’s the role of the General Director to manage all of Mix activities and to report directly to the President of the Board of Directors. He/she attends the council meeting as the Secretary.
  • General Secretariat: operates in administrative procedures, takes care of contracts and of administrative and technical documents. He/she is the first interface between MIX and its customers.
  • Technical Area: is divided in three sectors: the Network Operator Center (MIX-NOC), the System&Network administration and the design&development. The first one maintains the data center, monitors the LAN and is responsible for the troubleshooting and technical improvements of the data center room. The second one works on configuring MIX routers and servers while the last one takes care of specific projects aimed at the growth of MIX.
  • Marketing & Public Relations Area: deals with all the activities of promotion, advertising, public relations, events and media planning

Valeria Rossi General Manager

Monica Arensi General Secretariat

Mauro Magrassi Service Development

Gabriel Ramini NOC

Daniela Cipriani Marketing & PR

Gianmarco Clerici NOC

Simone Morandini NOC

Michele Perrucci NOC

Gaetano Tomasi NOC

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