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Mix was born in 2000 from a group of 28 operators representing the most important Italian Internet companies.

Over the years there has been some changes regarding fusions, business transfer and so on. For this reason we now count 19 members, each one with a share not superior to 15% of the total, as per the statute.

The Assembly of the Members is constituted by a representative of each company, and it is convened at least once per year for the annual budget approval.The Assembly decides on matters indicated by the law and the statute.

Among the duties of the Assembly there is the election of the Board of Directors.

List of Members


BT Italia S.p.A.

Clio S.p.A.

Eolo S.p.A.

Eutelia S.p.A.

Fastweb S.p.A.

Irideos/Infracom Italia S.p.A.

Itnet s.r.l.

Irideos/KPNQWest Italia S.p.A.

Irideos/Mc-Link S.p.A.

Orange Business Italy S.p.A.

Sequenza S.p.A.

Spin s.r.l.

Telecom Italia S.p.A.

Tiscali Business GmbH

Tiscali Italia S.p.A.

Utility Line Italia s.r.l.

Vodafone Enterprise Italy s.r.l.

WindTre S.p.A.

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